I’m also not alone in relishing the cost-effective delights of the ‘stay’cation. Many of my fellow wanderlusters are staying close to home this year.We live in an amazing part of the country, after all. There are plenty of new sights to see, shows to watch, trails to hike and places to feast and repose, even for the most diehard local.


I’m in good company: 82,000 Boulder Valley adults take local weekend getaway trips every year. That’s 55 percent of the market. If you consider your business a destination, tourist or otherwise – and any outfit on the Front Range should – here are some statistics to consider: Local travelers spend an estimated $98 million on lodging nationally. That’s roughly $775 per household annually. The Camera reaches a whopping 81 percent of our market’s 82,000 weekend warriors.


Summer is winding down, and everyone is looking for the perfect, last-hurrah vacation. Let us help you fill your rooms, seats and shops; call 303.473.1400 today.