Here’s one of my favorites: 113,400 Boulder Valley adults read the Camera and every week.


That’s 76 percent of all Boulder Valley adults.


We’ve been the market leader for 118 years, reaching the lion’s

share of consumers. And these are the people you want to reach:

• 77 percent of women and 74 percent of men ages 18 and older

• 86 percent of adults with household incomes over $75,000

• 76 percent of adults with children in the household

• 80 percent of college educated adults

• 85 percent of homeowners

• 80 percent of adults with financial investments


Our competitors are plentiful and vocal. But the truth is, they’re not in the same league. You’ll pay more to reach less. Put your business in the hands of a proven leader. More people are using and reading Camera news and information than ever.


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