Nationwide, more adults are choosing to drink at home instead of drinking at bars and restaurants, according to a recent study from Mintel. Many consumers have been tightening their belts lately, which has resulted in less spending on entertainment outside the home.
If you’re a liquor store, the numbers are in your favor. The same study projected a 4 percent increase in alcohol sales, to reach $78 billion in 2009. Total 2009 beer sales are estimated to grow 3.5 percent to $38 billion, and wine sales will grow 1.3 percent to $33 billion.
What can you do to take advantage of this national trend? Use your marketing budget to position your business in the market, either as the leader or in a valued niche (selection, expert recommendations, local or new products).
If you’re a bar or restaurant, it’s time to turn this trend around. Your advertising dollars are best served giving folks an incentive to visit your establishment (buy one, get one free offers, happy hour specials, unique menus or ingredients).
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