Consumers like coupons. We like finding them, we like cutting them out and we really like using them. What started as a necessity for many of us during stormy financial times has become a habit:

• 40 percent of U.S. consumers are using coupons more now than a year ago.

• 89 percent have prepared a shopping list using coupons, up from 78 percent last year.

• Last year, U.S. consumers saved $3 billion with coupons for packaged goods.

Nationally, marketers have taken note of this trend and are distributing significantly more coupons to encourage consumer spending.

Are coupons part of your advertising strategy? They should be: 92,400 Boulder/Broomfield adults will read/use a coupon received in either the mail or newspaper within the next year.

Get in on the action with the Green Light coupon book. Distributed monthly inside the Camera and Enterprise and published online at all our websites, Green Light provides guaranteed delivery to nearly every home in the market for less than a penny a household.

Reward valued customers, entice new clients, give them all the Green Light. Call Drew Brightbill at 303.473.1460 for more information.

Sources: Ad-ology Research, 2009; Promotion Marketing Association, 2009; Wilkins Research, 2008.