I love a good news day. We’ve received the results of a recent citizens survey conducted by the City of Longmont, and they reveal that 51 percent of respondents say they read the Times-Call frequently, making it the most read source for local news. Congratulations to our sister newspaper in Longmont for delivering the lion’s share of their market – in print and online!
Community newspapers continue to be the preferred source for local news, according to a study conducted for the National Newspaper Association. Seven-of-10 respondents read a community paper at least once a week. More than half had either clipped a story from their print newspaper or saved a link from the newspaper’s website in the past year.
No matter how you access our content, you can count on us to deliver our community’s news better than any other source.
Our family of publications is Boulder County’s No. 1 source for local news – in print, online, via mobile devices and social media. No other local advertising vehicle offers the reach, results, expertise and options that we do. Call 303.473.1400 today to partner with the market leader.

Source: Audience Report, 2013, National Newspaper Association