I have written about the importance of including social media in your overall marketing and advertising efforts. As certified Google and Facebook marketing partners, we have hosted several informative workshops this year to share this information with local businesses.

Picking the right social platforms for your intended audience is important, too. According to a recent survey by Yes Lifecycle Marketing, social media has its strongest sway with younger shoppers. Gen Z (aka Post-Millennials) are the most highly influenced group of consumers, at 80 percent. They tend to favor Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube in particular. Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers rely on a broader media mix (online and print) to make their purchasing decisions.

Within each social media platform, our digital experts are able to help you target your shoppers at a very granular level.
For instance, Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature allows us to fine tune your message to your existing customer list and people just like them. This eliminates the guesswork and wasted ad dollars and helps you get right to the point with just the right audience.

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