If you haven’t started your holiday shopping, you’ve at least thought about it. You probably know more than one person who would love to receive a copy of “Greater Boulder Memories: The Early Years” under the tree.

It’s a highly informative and entertaining photo book that shows how pioneer families in Boulder County lived in the early years. This fascination book is like going through an amazing photo album of rare local scenes you never new existed.
Hundreds of photos from the 1800s through 1939 were carefully selected from the Carnegie Library for Local History, Museum of Boulder, Erie Historical Society, Lafayette Miners Museum, and Denver Public Library. This book is guaranteed to spark a few memories and make you think about how different—and how similar—these pioneer lives really were.

Now, here’s a gift for you: pre-order this book before Oct. 31 and save $15 off the $44.95 retail price for every copy you order. For more information and to place your orders, go to boulder.pictorialbook.com. Santa says, order now.