Hillside School provides specialized instruction in reading, written language and math for students in first through eighth grades. It caters to students who have learning differences such as dyslexia, helping them reach their academic potential and become competent learners.

Hillside has been working with the Camera to reach potential students and their parents, with great results. The school utilizes our frequency program, running several ads in a month to remain top-of-mind in the market.

Advertising research has shown that a consumer usually needs to see an ad five to seven times before responding.

That’s why building awareness through ad frequency is so important, as Hillside School’s director Kathy Sherman endorsed in a recent e-mail: “I want to tell you that the ads have yielded great results!” she enthused. “One perfect quote [stated by a new client]: ‘I keep seeing your ad and know this is exactly what my daughter needs, so I’m finally calling.’

“One ad every once in a while doesn’t have the same effect,” Sherman continued. “But seeing it over and over gets through the procrastination to the actual contact. And by then, parents are ready to enroll.”

Visit hillsidelearning.org to learn more about Hillside School and its programs. And contact us tomaximize your exposure and advertising investment with the Camera. Call 303.473.1400 and ask about our frequency rates.