I am pleased to pass along another enthusiastic review of our Daily Deal program, this time courtesy of our multi-media consultant Stacy Riley:

“I was one of the new clients who bought/used a Deal at Peak Integrative Health for a massage.  I asked how the deal went for Rob, the massage therapist there who ran the deal. He said he was working hard, but it was totally worth it.

“By the time he saw me, about a month after running his deal, he already had 15 percent of the new clients from the deal book a second massage with him (at full price)!  He was thrilled that getting this many new customers was turning into return customers so quickly.”

Couldn’t your business use results like that? In addition to a slew of new customers, Daily Deal clients receive a promotional value of $7,440.75 if they run Monday through Thursday and a whopping $11,027.57 if they’re our weekend deal provider. That includes promotional space in print, social media and online.

If you’d like to be one of our Daily Deal partners, contact Kelly Hendershot via phone at 303.473.1415 or via email at hendershotk@dailycamera.com

And if you haven’t already done so, visit www.BoCoDeals.com to subscribe to the Daily Deal and get the best deals in town delivered right to your inbox every weekday.