It’s unusual for people to go out of their way to praise a sales representative – in any industry. So when a client gets in touch with unsolicited accolades, I pay attention.

“I don’t often write these kinds of comments, but after working with Billy Magrini for many years now, I feel compelled to do so,” wrote Kathy Sherman, director of Hillside School in Boulder, in an e- mail to the Camera’s ad director. “Billy is awesome. He has always been more than helpful, always flexible and makes me feel that he wants the best for me and Hillside School …. So give him a pat on the back.”

Thanks to Kathy Sherman for taking the time to give us feedback, as well as for choosing the Camera to reach potential students and their parents. Hillside School provides specialized instruction in reading, written language and math for students in first through ninth grades. It enables students who have learning differences such as dyslexia to reach their academic potential and become competent learners.

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