I’ve been talking about the power of coupons a lot lately. In the average month, 92,400 Boulder/Broomfield adults will read/use a coupon received in either the mail or newspaper. And that number is on the rise, because 40 percent of consumers nationally are using coupons more now than a year ago.


What about you? Do you use the Camera’s coupons? If so, I’d love to hear how you’ve been using them and how much money you’ve been saving. Whether it’s $1 off a box of Cheerios or a buy one, get one free dinner from the Canopy Grill in Lafayette (we used one just the other night), I want to know how much we’ve put back in your pockets. Whether you’re using the extra cash to make ends meet or to allow for splurges like wine from Liquor Mart or an exquisite dinner at Dolan’s or the Cork, I want to hear your story.


Drop me a line at jill@dailycamera.com and let me know. I’ll report back in a future column with the responses I get.