Statewide book drive Colorado Business Reads concluded last month with thousands of new books in the hands of children. The drive was a group effort across the state, presented by Executives Partnering to Invest in Children, Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia and a broad coalition of Colorado partners. It formed some wonderful partnerships in our local community as well.

“Thanks to your advocacy and the help of more than 30 participating organizations, the Colorado Business Reads children’s book drive was a smashing success in Boulder County,” wrote The Community Foundation’s School Readiness Initiative Director Chris Barge. “I’m proud to report that the Longmont Times-Call collected the most books by far of any of the locations, with 837 donations!”

In all, 3,349 books were collected in Boulder County. Wow. Every one of those books will be distributed to Boulder County families in need – via Sister Carmen in Lafayette, Parenting Place in Boulder and a to be determined location in Longmont.

Our thanks and congratulations to all the local nonprofit organizations, businesses, volunteers and donors that made Colorado Business Reads such a triumph. The goal of the drive was to create public awareness of and support for the importance of summer reading with an adult. Mission accomplished.