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Whether it’s reporting on the latest city council meeting, keeping tabs on high school teams or sharing the stories of your friends and neighbors, Colorado Hometown Weekly strives to be your source for local news that you can use in your daily lives.

You want to know what is going on in city government, what’s happening around town and in your children’s schools. You want to read the advertisements to find out about sales and specials at local businesses. We bring these things and more to you each week.

We recently asked Colorado Hometown Weekly readers to show their support by voluntarily paying for a one-year home subscription at their own level of choosing: $75, $50 or $30. Colorado Hometown Weekly is a free paper in news stands.)

We’re happy to report that we received nearly $7,000 in voluntary subscriptions in the first two weeks of our subscription drive, confirming that local news is so important, folks voluntarily pay for it every year.

Our advertisers are getting attention in the Colorado Hometown Weekly, as well as in the Camera, Times-Call and Colorado Daily. We deliver engaged, loyal readers who value their news and the advertising information that accompanies it.

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