Boulder County Community Action Programs (CAP) organized the first Multicultural Awards Banquet in 1989 to honor diverse Boulder County residents who have made major contributions in the areas of art, business, community service, education, government, health, science, youth and partners (community members who promote social justice around race issues). That event marked the first county-wide recognition of the accomplishments of people of color. It has been growing in participation and scope ever since, and the Camera is proud to be a perennial sponsor.

“I want to thank the Daily Camera for being a prime sponsor of the Community Action Programs 24th Annual Multicultural Awards Banquet,” wrote CAP director Janet Heimer after the event on October 4. “Your support of this event makes it all possible. [CAP] believes in the power of partnerships and that to best serve our community, we must all work together.

“We are placed to recognize the contributions made by people of different ethnic backgrounds in our community. We hope one concept that people will come away with is the value of diversity. We are grateful for your support and look forward to working together in the future.”

For more information about CAP’s vital services, visit and click Community Action Programs.