Delivering news that matters is our main goal here at the Camera. We have a reader
panel to help us shape our coverage. We listen to the people we encounter as we work within our community. And we receive plenty of unsolicited feedback from readers, which we take very seriously.

Today I would like to share an excerpt of unsolicited praise we received in a letter to the editor from reader Jeannie Patton of Lafayette: “I count on the Camera to tell me the story of my home town. I use the news to make plans, I am on the reader poll e-mail
list, I buy from the advertisers, I work the crossword puzzles, read the comics, and spend at least a half hour every day going front page to the last with my coffee cup at hand. I make time to read the paper before going to work, and often clip articles to share with my colleagues. I donate papers to Newspapers in Education when I leave town. I even read Jill Stravolemos’ commentary/marketing pitch to follow trends and learn about local businesses who have had success selling products and services.

“I can’t imagine living in Boulder County without this reliable source of news and entertainment. Thank you!”

Music to my ears. Thank you, Jeannie, for the kind words and for being such an active, engaged reader. If you are interested in sharing your opinion about our content via our reader panel, visit