My girls finally outgrew their backyard playset. It was a little sad watching another relic of their childhood go by the wayside, but that’s a subject for another day. The point is, I needed to sell it to make room for the next set of backyard adventures.


I’d heard all the hype about Craigslist, and I wanted to test it against the Camera’s Classifieds. OK, I was curious. So I placed ads in both and here’s what happened: I got no response from my Craigslist ad – not one call. My Camera Classified ad, on the other hand, was a smashing success. It ran on Sunday. I got a call on Monday and sold it for the asking price on Tuesday. Goodbye playset, hello bonus landscaping fund.


Add my name to the long list of satisfied Camera customers. The Camera Classifieds have been our area’s No. 1 marketplace for jobs, cars, homes and stuff for 118 years, and for good reason.


Skip the hype and call 303.466.3636 or visit I’m selling my girls’ Playskool toy sets next.