Imagine! is a local nonprofit that provides support services to people with developmental and cognitive disabilities, including autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. The Camera is proud to be both a perennial sponsor and a business partner of Imagine! We provide free top-of-mind awareness ads for the organization throughout year as well as effective paid advertising solutions.

“… Part of the reason we continue to choose the Daily Camera for running our annual full page ad is because of the great work of [advertising consultants] Michael Diehl and Billy [Magrini],” wrote Imagine!’s Gary Stebick to our sales supervisor.

“I recall [a time when] I was in a real bind trying to get an ad to Michael to meet the deadline … and he calmly helped me out and in my opinion went far above and beyond to provide me with as good of customer service as I could hope for. At one point as I felt I was getting to the end of my rope, Michael proclaimed, ‘You’ve given me all I need, I’ll handle the rest,’ and the ad was terrific and it was not because of me! Our ads have always received good placement in my opinion, and have always looked great.

“If Michael wasn’t around to help, Billy has jumped in and also been very helpful.  I congratulate you on having such great employees in your department, and appreciate all you have done for Imagine! during the 31 years I have worked here.”

Thank you, Gary, for your kind words and the extraordinary work Imagine! does for our community. For more information about Imagine!, visit To learn more about how the Camera can make a difference for your organization, call us at 303.473.1400.