Reel Kids is an acting school for children and teens. Located in Superior, the school provides a creative, safe environment for learning the craft of acting with a focus on film and television.

This summer, Reel Kids is offering several week-long camp sessions that cover audition techniques, improvisation, scene study and character analysis. Sessions culminate in short films starring each participating actor.

Reel Kids has been working with the Camera lately, running a weekly ad to reach potential students and their parents. The results have been impressive.

“I wanted to let you know that our July 12-16 camp is full!”  enthused Reel Kids’ Tracey Needham-Hinkley in a recent e-mail to her Camera advertising consultant. “ … And just so you know, 60 percent of our website hits are coming from you guys at the Camera!  Thank you so much!”

Visit to learn more about Reel Kids summer camp and year-round workshops. And contact us at 303.473.1400 to maximize your exposure and advertising investment with the Camera.