We’ve heard the admonition to “seize the day” so we don’t snooze and lose an opportunity. This is certainly true in the dynamic world of  advertising.
When Camera multi-media consultant Lauren Murray heard about a rare summer cover slot open in the Camera’s weekend At Home section, she thought it would be a perfect fit for one of her favorite clients.
Murray reached out to Gwynne Owen, owner of Gwynne’s Greenhouse and Gardenshoppe, who liked the idea, too. Located just east of Lyons at the intersection of highways 66 and 36, Gwynne’s Greenhouse is a popular (and colorful) destination for gardening fans.
“Wow, Lauren, the ad rocked!” Gwynne says. “We were crazy busy beginning Friday with almost every other customer shopping because they saw the ad and read the article. (Customers came in) from Boulder, Louisville, Longmont, Berthoud – even Denver. Glad you snagged the opportunity for me!”
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