Phil Smith is a full-service contractor who works under the company name SSS Limited. His capabilities run the gamut, including high-end kitchen and bathroom remodels, indoor and outdoor construction, plumbing, electrical, sprinkler repair and computer networking. The only thing missing from his business was visibility. 

SSS Limited’s website – – got no traffic.

So he turned to Locally Owned, an advertising feature that publishes inside the Camera every Monday. Locally Owned placements include a color display ad as well as an in-depth advertorial article and picture that publish in rotation with other advertisers.

The response was instantaneous. Smith’s first ad drew 30 hits the day it ran. His next one garnered 235 hits; SSS Unlimited had the spotlight that day.  All told, one placement in Locally Owned resulted in 613 hits on a site that had none before his ads. Smith was so impressed that he created a spreadsheet outlining his increased online traffic and sent it to his advertising consultant to be used it as a sales tool.

Sign up for Locally Owned, and we’ll match you with a freelance writer, shoot a photograph and help you craft the perfect ad for reaching your target audience. It’s easy, affordable and incredibly effective. Just ask Phil Smith.

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