Editor Dave Burdick recently shared this e-mail with me: “Thank you for the wonderful article in the Camera last Friday about the writer-director of Shelter, Jonah Markowitz,” wrote Shannon Crothers, Director of Youth Programs at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. “We had a great turnout … I asked folks how they heard about the film, and over 50 percent said through the Camera!”

Not surprisingly, that e-mail made my day. For starters, I’m a big fan of BMoCA. And from a business perspective, it’s always a thrill to hear personal anecdotes that complement the Camera’s positive market research numbers.
Allow me to refresh your memory of said research: 76 percent of Boulder Valley adults read the Camera in print or online every week. In our average week, 83 percent of adults with household incomes of $100,000 or more and 83 percent with four or more years of college read the printed Camera.
We have the strongest brand equity, the strongest and longest relationships with advertisers and the community,  the most established track record of proven ad performance, the leading source of news and the largest audit-verified audience in our market. Period. We also love art.
So for an exciting, thought-provoking experience, visit BMoCA. For an unparalleled impact on your target market, get the Camera in your corner and call 303.473.1400.