“Traffic to our web site quadrupled on that day alone and we got a bunch of comments and phone calls about the ad. That little [sticky note] made a huge splash!” — David and Holly Hansburg, Rocky Mountain Day Camp


     Want to be top-of-mind? Put your message top-of-paper. The front page of the Camera is the most widely read page of the paper. This is hardly shocking information, but did you know that consumers are 40 percent more likely to notice and remember the first ad they see in a given sitting?


     Let’s talk about our sticky notes. They deliver prime location in a multi-purpose format; notes can be removed and placed in a convenient location at the reader’s discretion. They also appear online on the front page of DailyCamera.com, which averages 8,000 impressions, 4,000 unique users and 87 click-thrus a day. They are the ideal venue for sale information, instant redeemable couponing, bounce-back offers, events, fundraisers, contests, public service announcements, brand awareness and more. And sticky notes are as affordable as they are effective.

     Make your message stick. Call Dina Laul at 303.473.1273 for more information.