It’s incredibly satisfying when one of our readers acknowledges it. We recently published a letter to the editor from Celeste P. Woodley, a Boulder native who was lamenting the national trend of lost funding for high quality, local reporting:


“The ability to collect and distribute such information regularly, reliably and affordably to citizens is central to the health of our ‘intellectual infrastructure’. High-quality reporting by the Camera in the last 50 years helped make it possible for an informed and highly-educated community to understand and pass measures that made this city a wonderful place to live. We must find a way to protect and keep our local news reporting. May I suggest that the City Council and the Business Community work together to assure that we don’t end up without a local news voice.”


Thanks for the vote of confidence, Ms.Woodley. Thanks to all our loyal readers. Whether you love us or lambaste us, we thrive on our connection with you.