We’re proud to support 120 local nonprofits, here’s why The Camera is proud to support 120 local nonprofit organizations every year with our time, talent and more than $2 million of support. And we love to recognize their successes! I received the following notes from two groups the Camera recently sponsored. I hope you’ll take a moment to look at the great work they are doing.

Intercambio’s mission is to build understanding, respect and friendship across cultures through educational and intercultural opportunities. They recently hosted their annual La Fiesta fundraiser, and Kristine Edwards, Marketing & Development Director, wrote, “Thank for helping La Fiesta raise $42,000 of its goal to provide English classes to students this spring! We appreciate all the support we receive from the Daily Camera… all of your support changes the lives of our students.”

The Family Garden parenting resource center offers education, inspiration and community for families. Family Garden’s Debbie Lane said: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting the Family Garden. Because of your generosity, many families found out about our event. We had more than 122 families join us for the Family Harvest Festival!”

Learn more, become involved:

• Intercambioweb.org

• Family-Garden.org