Having a trusted source for local news is especially important in times of uncertainty—like right now.
We need information on how to get through these challenges. We want news on health care, government and business responses, and how our neighbors are faring across our communities. Sharing the news is an important part of keeping a community united (even when we’re staying at least six feet apart).

That’s why we have made all COVID-related content free on our websites.

Our journalists, photographers, press crews and carriers work diligently to convey accurate, reliable and critical information to the public at a time of great need. It’s during times like these that we benefit most from the hard work and long hours of our local news teams.

I have tremendous appreciation for what they’re doing. While I’ve had the privilege of working from my home and limiting my exposure, they’ve been hard at work covering the news and collecting information for our benefit.

Thank you subscribers and advertisers for your support, and the trust you put in us. We truly are a community.