Here’s a Thanksgiving treat that doesn’t involve calories in any way. It’s the Viva Theater/Society for Creative Aging production of “You Can’t Take It With You.” The Pulitzer Prize and Oscar-winning screwball comedy was originally presented live on Lux Radio Theater. I quote: “The wacky Sycamore family prove that uninhibited fun and love can save the day.”

Performances (in the Grace Gamm Theater at The Dairy Art Center, 2590 Walnut St. in Boulder) take place Nov. 24 through 26. Check the website for times and ticket details. Purchase your tickets online for “You Can’t Take It With You” at

For more information on the Society for Creative Aging, go to The Viva Theater continues to present original performances throughout the year. If you have any interest in participating, contact Sandy Hale at 303.442.6118.