I’m always happy to brag about our dedicated advertising team. But it’s even better when one of our ad partners shares their experience.

Tania Petrulis, owner of Sweet Ruckus in Boulder, recently got in touch to tell me about working with Nick Osano, one of our hard-working representatives. “I want to share my appreciation for Nick,” she said. “I have a store in the Table Mesa Shopping Center and have been working with Nick since shortly after I opened last April.

“Nick is an absolute joy to work with! He is always so positive and upbeat. He is incredibly professional, thoughtful, kind, and always tries so hard to make sure I am getting what I need and being well taken care of.  He is a great problem solver and very creative.  He does what he says he’s going to do, follows through and follows up.  He checks in and makes sure we are ahead of the game and not behind.

“I love working with him and appreciate his work ethic and dedication.  As I am new to this aspect of the business, he has made it very easy to work with the Camera. I hope the Camera knows what an asset they have in Nick!”

Thank you, Tania.