E-coupons have become a popular way to save money on goods and services. Consumers like the 24/7 availability from their smartphones and the ease of using these coupons.

Seventy-three percent of consumers have reported they made an online purchase as a result of receiving an email offer, according to an Epsilon report.

Advertisers like the ability to target these consumer groups based on their interests and buying habits. They also appreciate the cost efficiency and higher open and response rates.

The Daily Camera’s E-Saver Coupon program delivers reach at its best. More than 20,770 local consumers have opted to receive our coupons via their inbox. These are active and engaged consumers, just waiting to hear from you and ready to make a purchase.

Our subscribers know that we guarantee quality offers that can save them real money in the checkout line. E-Saver Coupons are sent only once per week, so there’s no “inbox fatigue.” We build the e-coupon, and you will receive full reporting and analysis of the results.

To learn more about the Camera’s E-Saver Coupons, call our expert marketing team at 303.473.1400.