Does your organization host events, shows or concerts? We partner with many local groups to promote their event and bolster their attendance—and revenue.

With our wide range of print and digital platforms, technology that maximizes return on ad spend, and savvy local consultants, your promotion and sales are in good hands. We can even be your online ticket office with our ticket service,

We recently had the privilege of partnering with the Boulder County Fair to promote this year’s event, and the results were blue-ribbon worthy. Laura Boldt, Boulder County Fair coordinator, said, “The Boulder County Fair’s ticket sales were up 26 percent over last year! The Times-Call has helped our team with digital marketing on Google and Facebook, as well as print promotion. We love working with a local team that’s passionate about our events and has the expertise to drive our fair forward year after year. They make it simple and easy!”

Let’s work together on your next event. Call our team at 303.473.1400.