As we near the end of our weeklong focus on journalism, I want to express our thanks to all the loyal readers and advertising partners who make this daily newspaper possible. We couldn’t celebrate Colorado Journalism Week without you.

I’ve written about the importance of a free press, and the freedom for ethical journalists to do their jobs: delivering community news, celebrating our citizens and neighbors, keeping a watchful eye on our local governments and school districts, and providing information on local trends and business events.

Even as newspapers and other media serve these important missions, they are at the same time businesses, facing the same challenges as many other enterprises.

It’s fair to say that media have seen a tidal wave of change in the past few decades. But we still need to get the complete story and the best visuals, design the pages, sell the ads, and deliver the news, every day.

It takes a dedicated team with a wide array of skills to provide quality, daily journalism. The Daily Camera is proud to have been your paper of record since the early days of this great city. We’ll keep doing our part.

Thank you readers. Thank you advertising partners. We couldn’t do this without you.