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Local home buyers and sellers turn to our weekly At Home Colorado for articles on new home communities, open houses and selling tips. At Home Colorado puts your message front and center with an affluent readership.

The Camera also produces our community’s annual Tour of Homes two-weekend event and the Tour Magazine. We use our team’s expertise in print, social, display and extended reach to market the event. And by all accounts this past tour, we outperformed even our own expectations.

Adrian Johnson, marketing coordinator for Boulder Creek Neighborhoods, reported on their Tour of Homes experience showcasing their easyHouse 38 at Brennan by the Lake in Erie. “This was the best Tour of Homes I have been a part of. It was 90 percent qualified traffic: our buyer demographic and interested people. So thank you! Whatever you are doing, it is working! Thank you for your hard work in putting this all together.”

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