You may have heard that Google is turning up the heat this summer on website owners with insecure sites. In about two weeks, Google will be releasing a new browser (Chrome 68) which will alert site visitors if they are on a website that is not protected with Secure-Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS). Visitors will see a red triangle on insecure sites­—and they’ll probably exit very quickly. Unless you secure your site, you can kiss your web traffic goodbye.

We can help. Our affordable web sites are secure, mobile friendly, responsive, and SEO-rich. They come with simple and intuitive editing features, easy to understand stats and local support.

We include all the secure and user-friendly features you need:
• Secure certificate
• A simple editing interface
• Coded to work with all search engines
• Real-time, easy-to-understand statistics
• A photo gallery to show off your products or work
• Video (you can embed YouTube videos)
• An events calendar

Your site can be up and running in five to 10 business days. Call your advertising representative at 303.473.1400 to learn more. You owe it to your website visitors­—and yourself.