The Broomfield Enterprise is a one-stop shop when it comes to delivering effective and efficient opportunities to reach Broomfield consumers.

In the 2018 Broomfield City/County survey, the Enterprise was ranked by Broomfielders as their most preferred source for news and information about Broomfield. Six-of-10 Broomfield adults rely on it.

Broomfield Life (formerly The Book on Broomfield) is an annual publication delivered in the Enterprise to 6-of-10 Broomfield households and some 40,000 readers. Additional distribution throughout the year will be available at the Broomfield Chamber, realty offices and the Broomfield Community Center. In addition, the e-magazine will be marketed to more than 15,000 social network users in the Broomfield County area.

Your Broomfield business belongs in this keepsake publication, which will be coveted by newcomers and long-term residents alike. Reserve your space by Thursday, April 4 for a half or full page to receive an equal amount of space to share your business story with Broomfield consumers. Don’t miss this offer!

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