Colorado Holiday Bazaar

Colorado Holiday Bazaars

All the delights of the holiday season can be experienced at Colorado specialty markets, bazaars, arts and crafts fairs, where handcrafted gifts and sweet treats abound. Increase awareness and attendance of your event with a listing in the pages of your community newspaper.

Cost: $50.00

Publication Options

Select your preferred publication below. A sales associate will contact you to confirm the publication date and final ad.

  • Daily Camera, average daily readership of 34,890
  • Times-Call, average daily readership of 13,300
  • Friday Mag (pubs in both DC and TC), weekly readership of 45,000
  • Broomfield Enterprise, weekly readership of 42,000
  • Colorado Hometown Weekly, readership of 19,700
  • Greeley Tribune, average daily readership of 17,425
  • Reporter-Herald, average daily readership of 14,600

Example Holiday Bazaar Ad

Example Holiday Bazaar Ad

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