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At the Broomfield Enterprise, we love what we do – and we hope it shows. It’s an honor to be a part of this community and to keep you informed about what’s happening in Broomfield.

From breaking news to in-depth coverage on topics that deeply affect the community, including oil and gas, wildland fires and municipal elections, the Enterprise strives to bring you complete coverage. 

We’re an important part of this community, providing a forum for those who wish to speak, celebrating the contributions of outstanding residents at the annual Heart of Broomfield Awards and sponsoring local organizations such as the Broomfield Chamber and the Broomfield Community Foundation.

However, it’s no secret that events, such as COVID-19, supply chain issues and higher prices, have taken their toll on local businesses and the Enterprise is no exception. The costs of production and delivery are increasing every year, and we need your help to remain a viable local news source. Please support your community newspaper once again by paying a voluntary one-year subscription fee at the level of your choosing – $80, $65 or $45.

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Please support your community newspaper by paying a voluntary one-year subscription fee at the level of your choosing – $80, $65 or $45.

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