Readers, we’ve included a bonus sample of our ever-popular Greenlight coupons in today’s Camera—just a reminder of the fantastic deals you find every month in the complete coupon edition.

These coupons offer a great way to save money when you shop. You are also helping to support the local businesses who advertise by using their coupons—and shopping locally has never been more important than now.

Advertisers value the impact these coupons make on shopper decisions at various stages throughout the path to purchase.

• 86% of shoppers are influenced by coupons to try a new product.

• 41% used more coupons than the prior year and 33% increased their use of digital coupons. 

You can also find these money savers online every day at The mobile coupons are easy to use and always as near as your smartphone.

Watch for the complete March edition of Greenlight coupons in the Feb. 26 edition of the Daily Camera.

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