Out of the heartbreak and sadness following the loss of 10 members of our community to gun violence, we have opened our hearts in support of the Boulder County Crisis Fund, launched by the Community Foundation in response.

The fund is an effort, in partnership with the Colorado Healing Fund, the Colorado Organization for Victims Assistance, and others to address the needs of victims, families, those directly affected, and our entire community. 

I am happy to share the news that more than 9,000 caring citizens have now given more than $1 million in support of this effort.

“We have received an outpouring of love and support from near and far. Our community, true to form, came together, this time in a tearful embrace,” says Tatiana Hernandez, Community Foundation CEO. “In Greek, philanthropy means, ‘the love of humanity.’ Thank you for continuing to trust us with your philanthropy, your love, as we steward it to those who need it most.”

You can still help support the Crisis Fund by giving at commfound.org.