The Prime effect is transforming Colorado’s football program and putting it in the national spotlight. Never has there been a season with more flash, more attention, or more excitement.

You can take advantage of this renewed spirit with a BuffZone Football advertising package. It’s certain to deliver prime-time attention to your message.  

The BuffZone package includes:

   • The CU Football Preview edition, with its impressive circulation of more than 106,820.

   • The Buffs Game-Day and Post-Game Day Guides (we are publishing 12 of each) front the Camera sports section and feature statistics, strategies, star players, anecdotes, analogies and rallying points for each contest, delivering more than 487,000 impressions throughout the season. 

   •, a fan favorite, has 199,000 visitors consuming more than 500,000 pages of columns, stats, photos and interviews.

Your digital impressions will be matched on our extended network to your choice of targeted audience. 

The winning play here is to call our ad team at 303.473.1400 by Aug. 8 (we’ll even include two free tickets to the Aug. 24 Boulder Chamber Football Kickoff luncheon with your ad package reservation.