We’re feeling a bit celebratory today—because it’s the Camera’s 131st birthday!

The Camera became a daily newspaper on March 17, 1891. The Camera name was chosen because our founders envisioned a publication with more illustrations than most newspapers of that time.

We’ve been honing the vision and changing to fit the needs of our community ever since. The Camera started as a morning daily, changed to an afternoon paper in 1893, and hit our stride as a morning daily again in 1981. The Camera was one of the first local newspapers to publish online, in 1996.

During the course of the Camera’s long history, we’ve been owned by entrepreneurs, families, and corporations. But our heart and soul have always belonged to this community. 

The pandemic years have only confirmed the important role that local journalism plays in informing and connecting our city. Through the best times and the most challenging times, we will always be your No. 1 local news source. It’s a point of pride with us.

Thank you, readers, subscribers and advertising partners, for your trust and support of your local community news source, the Daily Camera.