I heard this week from Kim Ruotsala, executive director of Community Food Share, on the results from their recent food drive in Longmont. “Through financial gifts and food donations on our new virtual food drive platform, our neighbors raised 97,500 meals for Boulder and Broomfield Counties—more than three times our 32,000 meal goal!” she wrote. “The community came through for our food bank once again.

“Thank you to the Times-Call and Colorado Hometown Weekly, our event founders and abiding sponsors since 1989. Their teams’ commitment to spreading the word and mobilizing community support is central to the event’s success.”

Kim says that this outpouring of support provides the resources necessary to continue their work—but it also gives them the encouragement that keeps the organization’s spirits steadfast and optimistic.

On behalf of our sister publications, I want to thank all of our readers for their generous spirit of giving.