Consumers love to save money using coupons. A Valassis coupon intelligence report revealed that 86 percent of reporting shoppers are influenced by coupons to try a new product.

Local advertisers know that Greenlight is an effective way to grow their customer base (these two-sided coupons give you plenty of room to share your offers).

Justin Eland at Oxy Magic says, “I have used Greenlight for my carpet cleaning business for more than four years. There is a consistent, monthly response at a very fair price. It’s hard to beat this ROI in my industry!”

The print version reaches more than 55,000 households each month.

Consumers on the go continue to discover just how good Greenlight mobile is (online every day at­)

Greenlight awareness and interest keeps growing. In fact, our mobile views more than tripled in the past year!

Greenlight online is easy to use and always as near as your smartphone.

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