The Emergency Family Assistance Association has been helping at-risk families in Boulder County since 1918, working to alleviate local food insecurity. 

As all of us see the price of groceries increase, the impact is magnified among EFAA participants and on our food bank operations. Before COVID, about 300-325 households would visit EFAA’s food bank in a typical week. This rose to about 400 in the early phase of COVID.

“We are now averaging well over 500 households per week,” says Julie Van Domelen, EFAA executive director. “Many are new to EFAA, having been able to make ends meet before and throughout the pandemic, but now squeezed by the rising costs of basic needs.”

EFAA is asking those in our community who are able to please consider donating to the EFAA food bank online at Any amount makes a difference.

“Not knowing if you can afford food for you and your family is a painful, stressful experience,” Van Domelen says.

A significant cut in benefits in the Supplemental Nutrition Support Program went into effect March 1. “We can’t sustain this level of assistance without your ongoing support. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to seeing our neighbors through this.”