It’s been a year like no other—and there’s quite a lot to look back on, and stories to be told.

Hospitals, health care facilities, school districts, city and county municipalities, local businesses and nonprofits—all the essential services we count on—have helped our communities get through the past year, and we want you to join us in saluting these hard-working, dedicated employees. 

The respect and gratitude we owe these essential employees cannot be overstated.

The Daily Camera and Times-Call newsrooms are planning Sunday, March 21 centerpieces for each paper, with reporters contributing to a diverse set of stories covering locals’ efforts to protect their families, businesses, and ways of life, while keeping alight a flame of hope for a brighter future.

You can be part of this too! Communicate the pride you have in your colleagues as well as acknowledging the sacrifices involved in getting us this far. 

Join us in saluting our communities and supporting the stories of our neighbors by calling 303.473.1400 to reserve your ad space. Please reserve by 3 p.m. Thurs., March 18.