The Daily Camera has worked with local businesses during the best of times­—and we’re proud to show support through challenging times, too. We are doing this with our Local Business Grant program, which doubles the impact of their marketing through a matching grant.

All advertising products we offer are eligible for the matching grant, so we can help you address your distinct business objectives. Grants will be issued up to $300,000 in total, ranging from $250 to $10,000 per month per client.

Hotel Boulderado, Spruce Farm and The Corner Bar took advantage of their advertising grant by running this full page ad in the Camera. The results have been positive and they’re extending the campaign into June.

Your business can participate in this innovative program by completing the application form at Grants will be awarded through June.

It’s always a feel-good moment to hear our advertisers are seeing the return on their investment. During these times, it’s even more so. It’s our privilege to support an institution like the Boulderado. Readers, grab your bibs and order a Lobster Pot!