Longmont Magazine delivers impactful stories about the people and events that energize their communities. 

Longmont Magazine inserts in the Times-Call, and is distributed at more than 100 outlets in the Longmont area. Its readership averages 33,000 consumers per edition.

The Pets edition of Longmont Magazine will be the ultimate guide for animal lovers.  Consumers are crazy about their pets­—nearly seven-of-10 households include a pet, and people are spending more time and money on their pets than ever before. Most people are more likely to have a pet in their home than a child.

Homeowners and married couples are more likely to own pets than others, but there are far more households with pets than there are with children under the age of 18. 

The Pets edition will feature tips and information on caring for canines, equines, felines, feathered friends and other cute critters, from scales to tails as well as the winners of the Longmont Magazine Cutest Pets Photo Contest. As a Pets Edition advertiser, your products and services will be highlighted as feature content.

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