Be sure to look in today’s Daily Camera for this month’s Greenlight coupon book. These coupons offer a great way to save money when you shop. But right now you are also helping to support the local businesses who advertise in the book by using their coupons. And they sure can use your help.

Local businesses have made special efforts to allow to-go and pick up orders, so plan ahead and call to find out the best way to maintain social distancing while you shop for essential items.

Greenlight coupons will also be delivered on Sunday, March 29 in the Broomfield Enterprise and Sunday Times-Call.
You can also find these money savers online at

Advertisers, consumers are becoming increasingly adept at integrating both print and digital coupons as they plan their purchases. Overall, coupon use is holding steady with 90% of consumers using them. Coupons are influential, impacting shopper decisions at various stages throughout the path to purchase.
• 86% of shoppers are influenced by coupons to try a new product.
• 41% used more coupons than the prior year and 33% increased their use of digital coupons.

Call 303.473.1400 to take advantage of our special buy-one, get-two offer when you place your Greenlight order.