Does your business rely on direct mail to reach your most valuable consumers? Like so many other things, mail campaigns have suffered during the pandemic.

Disruptions with supply chains across the globe, nationwide paper shortages, labor shortages, reduced production and shipping delays have all taken the shine off direct mail marketing. 

Paper stock prices have increased at least five times since 2020, with another one announced for April.

And the USPS will be increasing postage costs in August.

These problems have caused many businesses to rediscover targeted emails to connect with their customers.

The truth is, email still continues to be one of the most cost effective ways to share your marketing message.

It is measurable, accountable, and interactive­—things direct mail will never be.

Our targeted emails are delivered daily to qualified, active audiences who have all opted-in to receive these emails. 

You can choose the distribution that fits your marketing goals, reaching one or more major desirable markets.    

We will help you shift your strategy, develop the creative and execute your targeted email campaigns from start to finish.

Call our knowledgeable ad team at 303.473.1400 to find out how email can help your business!