Among the many ways to reach your consumer base, email marketing still proves to be one of the most effective marketing channels.

We deliver 3.2 million emails a week to qualified, opt-in consumers, matching their interests to relevant content that engages and motivates them.

If you are marketing to cannabis consumers, we have a wide range of ways to help you. We know the rules—and we have the tools!

Our targeted cannabis emails go out to 21-and-older consumers who are interested in cannabis products and lifestyles.

A powerful subject line grabs their attention, and great content and visuals entice them to click for more information about your dispensary, product, or service.

This is an excellent way to reach your most-likely-to-buy customers, build brand awareness, and introduce a new product or special offer.

We will help customize your message, provide free design, track your results, and provide a report at the end of your campaign. 

You can reach highly targeted, specific, “intenders”—consumers who are ready to buy. Call our savvy ad team at 303.473.1400 to learn more about our cannabis marketing products.