Raised in the Rockies is the leading source for reaching parents and newcomers in the Boulder, Broomfield, and Weld county markets. It delivers advice and inspiration—valuable information to help parents make open enrollment decisions, summer camp selections and prepare for back to school. 

The trusted content is mailed to 25,000 households with children in Boulder and Broomfield counties as well as Dacono, Firestone, Frederick and Mead. 

In addition, the e-magazine is marketed to 27,000 local parents on Facebook and social networks. Now you can reach parents with school-bound students for less than 9 cents a household!

   The Back to School edition will take on the challenges of going to school, whether in a traditional classroom or home learning. 

   Readers will learn how to ease their child into schooling in our new environment as well as how to shop for everything needed for learning without breaking the bank. A school profile is provided for participating schools who reserve their space by Friday, July 9.

If your business serves households with students, this is a cost-efficient way to reach them!

Call our friendly ad team at 303.473.1400 to RSVP.