The Buffs open the 2022 season with a full stadium on Sept. 2 against TCU at Folsom Field. 

The Daily Camera’s  CU Football Preview, publishing Sunday, Aug. 28, provides an in-depth previews and comentary on the 2022 Buffs and their Pac-12 competitors.

Their 12-game season is packed and interest in this year’s new talent and returners is certain to be high.

Our more than 45,000 readers will embrace the tailgating, the chants, the high-fives, the band, the pageantry and your advertising message!

We have several cost efficient ways to reach CU Buff football  fans (and fans of all sports, really).

The Buffs Game-Day and Post-Game Day Guides (12 each) front the Camera sports section and feature statistics, strategies, star players and rallying points for each contest. They deliver 686,000 impressions throughout the season. 

Several ways to reach 1000s of CU Buffs football, a fan favorite, has 74,000 unique visitors consuming more than 623,000 pages of columns, stats, photos and player and coach interviews.

The investment is low—and the interest is high!

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